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Who are you?
I’m Pixie, and I’m a little bit obsessed with science fiction, games, fantasy, comics, tabletop gaming – the usual geek things! I also have a soft spot for philosophy and theology (well, a bit more than a soft spot, I do have a degree in it after all) and I hope to combine the two as often as possible. I did my undergraduate degree at Oxford, and I’m currently at Bristol working on an MA in Religious Studies. I really want to do a lot more work on religion and science fiction, but this blog won’t just focus on that – promise.

What do you look like?
This is me. I am a serious and professional academic type, I promise.


Why Religion and Science Fiction?
Why not?

Anything else we should check out?
I also run the academic content at Nine Worlds which is great fun, and basically comes down to me finding lots of people with interesting things to say, putting them in a room and watching people enjoy learning from them.

There’s a “Feminism” category too – why’s that?
Sometimes I write about feminism, asexuality, and other things like that. It seems easier to put them on here than start a whole other blog, but don’t worry – that’s why they’re catergorised separately.

What’s your favourite thing to write essays on?
Philip K Dick. Seriously, don’t get me started on him, I will not stop.